Important information: A new year brings changes

Now that we have started the year 2015, I would like to introduce you to some changes that Leann and I will be making. Now that Leann’s Dad is connected to Facebook, we feel that the importance of this website has been reduced to near zero. It is easier to make posts on our Facebook page, especially when we are on the go, because everything that we come across can be posted near real-time. We already posted the pictures on Facebook to save space on our website and effective immediately (well; after this entry) we will be posting to Facebook only. You will find our Facebook page, by using this link. For your convenience, I suggest that you ‘LIKE’ our page, so that updates go into your timeline instantly.

Another change that we’ll make is that I will add a copyright background to all the pictures that we post. The reason behind this, is because Facebook thinks they can have a worldwide license on all the content posted on Facebook. This means that they’ll be able to use any picture posted on Facebook as they see fit. Adding a copyright background to my pictures will make the pictures that I post less valuable and usable to them. We are still hesitating whether we should remove the old pictures in albums that we have posted over the past few years. Your feedback would be welcome and helpful to decide what to do with them. My preference is to remove them, so that Facebook can no longer use that content.

This website will remain for now, but it will become static. We do not think that we’ll be adding new entries and/or new information to this website. Should you have questions, please let me know.