As the weekend progressed….

Last Friday I started work again. When starting work the first thing to do is to try to get up-to-date with all the events. Since it was also the first working day in the New Year, wishing everyone a Happy New Year added to the workload. It went to 5pm again in a blink of an eye. I have to say that I am ‘current’ again, so I’ll be able to pick up regular activities again tomorrow.

The weekend flew by equally fast. Yesterday we went for breakfast and groceries. After that we decided to take down all the Christmas decorations. It was stunning to see how fast we got that done. Putting it up takes about two days. We managed to take the whole thing down and put it away in less than four hours. The rest of the weekend went by resting. Somehow my bio clock is not set to ‘work mode’ yet. Usually I like to get up early and this morning I did wake up early enough for breakfast, but I didn’t really mind Leann not wanting to get up that early.

I have managed to wrap my head around winter sports activities on TV. I have come to like to watch ski jumping, biathlon and some other sports. Following college football bowl games is something that I have not managed to do. I do follow the results, but because of the odd results, I don’t seem to be very interested in watching the games. I might see the replays of Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl, though. Especially the Sugar Bowl had an odd result. Why would Alabama be defeated by Ohio State. An interesting thought that I would like to see myself, even though I know the outcome of the game.

All in all work will really start for me next week. I am curious to see what this year will bring for me exactly.