Visiting a castle ruin, Christmas market and Kerkrade

141 Christmas market Gemeentegrot ValkenburgToday was another full day of events! We got up by 8:15am to get breakfast. Breakfast from the hotel is nothing really special, but it does help very much to get us started for our day. After breakfast we headed downtown Valkenburg. We started with a visit to a castle ruin on a hill. Some facts are available on this wiki page. The view from the ruins was amazing. We could oversee almost everything of Valkenburg. After taking a lot of pictures we climbed down again to a cafe to have hot chocolate and give our feet some rest.

After the hot chocolate we went to the muncipal cave. This cave holds another Christmas market. After entering the sight was breathtaking it was definitely a lot bigger than the Christmas market in the Velvet cave that we visited yesterday. We walked along all te shops and I took a lot more pictures; not just of the market, but also from the cave itself. We found a colleague of the seller that we wanted to buy Christmas decoration from and this time we had more luck. This guy had the item that we wanted to buy, so we are really happy. I think we spent some two hours in the cave strolling along the shops. It was a bit busier than the other cave yesterday, but fortunately I was able to get all the pictures that I wanted anyways.

After the Christmas market we headed back to the hotel to put the newly bought decoration in the car. We sat around a little trying to decide what to do next. We decided to take a train tour to Kerkrade Centrum a town close to the German border. The view was nice, although I didn’t expect the train to be that busy. I guess more people wanted to go the same direction. In Kerkrade we walked a bit through the center and I found a sweater that I was looking for for some time. After that we headed back to the station to get back to the hotel. I managed to get some more pictures of the Valkenburg railway station and surroundings and then we got back to the hotel to have dinner.

All in all it has been another eventful day. Once again my feet are seriously killing me 😀 … it’s worth it, though. Pictures are available by clicking on the picture of this entry.