Vacation! Finally!

It’s finally here… my vacation. I will be off work for close to three weeks. It feels good among the Christmas decoration and being in this Holiday season.

I look back to a very successful and educated year. I was not able to do all I had on my list, but I was able to excel in things that were not on my list. I am very much looking forward to what 2015 will bring and it will definitely be something that I will be contemplating on.

First I’ll enjoy a period of relaxation. We will be visiting Valkenburg during this vacation. We have been browsing around on the net and found this website (in English, click!) with pictures and a description of things to do there. I’ll be bringing my photo gear and hopefully it’ll be nice weather enough to take hundreds and hundreds of pictures.

Stay tuned for a lot of updates! As a friendly reminder: we update our Facebook page frequently while on the go. You might want to bookmark this page or, should you have a Facebook account, like the page to get your frequent updates!