Third Christmas Day…

Although it’s not ‘official’, we do call the day after Boxing Day “Third Christmas Day”. It’s an ordinary day, like any other, though. Shops are open regularly and full after the Christmas slowdown.

We got up at around 8am to get our regular breakfast. It was cold outside. Down South snow actually had come down. There it snowed pretty much all day. After breakfast we thought we would need some groceries, but we headed home to reconsider that. Leann is still not feeling well and I am also still coughing. It’s getting to a point where it really gets annoying. I am happy, though, that I don’t feel too sick.

I did go out to city dump to get rid of some stuff. I also needed a new charging/data cable for my smartphone and I decided that I wanted to have some juice. The rest of the day we spent indoors. The weather was bad enough to stay in anyways. I watched some winter sports again and took things slow.

I came across an article about the annual doughnut ball test. Doughnut balls is a tasty tradition that we have on New Years Eve. One of the bigger newspapers in The Netherlands hold an annual test to see which location in The Netherlands makes the best doughnut balls. The winner was a bakery near Utrecht. A location in our city was also tested. Four years ago the were rated ‘0’ (=Economical Crime) on a scale of 10. This year the exact same location has been tested again and scored a 5.5 out of 10; still insufficient. Hoorn is a very touristic city and I don’t see how a location like that is allowed to come back (we’re talking about a mobile bakery here).

On further news I discovered that the market in Beverwijk that we go to regularly had a fire today. The article is not entirely clear on where/what exactly happened. I am just glad, I wasn’t around. We still need to go sometime soon.