The year 2014 in a nutshell

This year almost comes to its end. Just like 2013, the year 2014 was a very eventful year. This entry describes my review of this last year.

I am very thankful for what I have. My Father-in-Law mentioned the importance over things that can easily be taken for granted, such as family and having a roof over your head. I find it important to realize those minor things. This past year has been a year of change and construction. It sounds silly to rejoice over having a dish washer connection and a dish washer. In the past eight years (and for me even before) we never had this luxury. We also started some major changes, like renovating our bathrooms, buying new sofas and putting electricity outside. Right now we’re picking the fruits of it. I feel blessed having been able to do all this and get it done.

Work-wise it also has been another successful year. My manager is happy over what I do and what I bring to the team and she really appreciate what I try to do, even though it might not always go the way she exactly had things planned. I find this appreciation more valuable than any Euro that I make (more). Financially we are doing great. There’s always room for improvement and there is always something to wish for, but I can certainly pay the bills and have some left for the fun things in life.

A final word goes out to my wife, Leann. I am very thankful for having her in my life and appreciate her for all the help she gives in keeping us organized at home. Without her, it would have been a terrible adventure to get everything done that we got done this year. After more than 8 years of marriage it might start to sound trivial that I love Leann. It might help to use a citation from my wedding vow to Leann, to show how I feel: “I give to you in presence of all these witnesses my sacred promise to love you without reservation … and to stay by your side as your faithful husband. Today, tomorrow, forever”. Those words and the feeling behind them still feel the same today as they felt 8 years ago.

Merry Christmas to all.