The trip to Valkenburg

042 Valkenburg by NightThis morning we got up by 5am to get prepared for our trip to Valkenburg. I planned the trip to be 3,5 hours and it did take that much time. We arrived by 9:30am, parked the car and got downtown to explore the area. It’s a beautiful city, especially now around Christmas. The Christmas experience has spread to CNN who announced the experience in their top 10 best places to spend Christmas last year in this article.

We walked through the city and in no-time huge queues were formed in front of the popular places like the two Christmas markets in the caves under the city. No less than 300,000 visitors visit the city during this period of time. We are two of them that would spend about a week. We plan to visit the popular sites throughout next week, in the hopes that Christmas break has not started yet here and thus it will be a little more quiet. At least I have the tickets now.

During lunch I bought Leann a “Grillworst met uien” which translates to a bun with a huge sausage and onions on it. It’s huge and it fills sufficiently. Around 2pm we returned to the hotel to check in. After that we unpacked and then relaxed some. After all, the day started early. We got dinner, which was simple, but filling. By the time finished it got dark and I wanted to see Valkenburg by Night. Of course I brought the camera and the result of the pictures are available by clicking on the picture of this entry. The pictures I took during the day are available by clicking this link.