Passing time…

We’re passing time… I have been feeling sick since last week Thursday and this illness is having its ups and downs, obviously. I think it’s a kind of flu and it looks like I will have to sit this out the whole nine yards this time. Hopefully it’ll pass soon.

Yesterday we didn’t do a thing. In the evening we watched some Christmas movies: Home Alone and Elf. Today was a bit more active, since a repair guy came to fix the washing machine. He arrived in the afternoon and concluded that the socket to which the washing machine and dryer were connected to, was broken. He was as kind as to fix the problem, which actually was not his. I am very appreciative for this gesture.

Leann has started to bake cookies. This year we’ll be having peacan cookies and thumbprints. Besides that Leann is going to try a new sort of cookie to replace the Snicker Doodles this year. It brings more Christmas spirit to our house, which makes me happy.

Besides that I am passing time watching skiing and ski jumping during the day. Tonight will show some more college football games. All in all we’re doing good, but I really want this flu going away now!