Passing Christmas time…

… and so this is Christmas …

The past few days have been a bit iffy health wise. Both Leann and me are still fighting off bad colds. It appears to be a challenge to get rid of this. If I am still having this cold on Monday, I am definitely to go and see a doctor. I want to be over with this.

Christmas Eve passed by somewhat uneventful. I did go run some errands and went outside, because I was flying up the walls. It worked well. The evening is usually spent in tradition. Leann and I usually do some caroling. In spite of our bad colds, we got into caroling anyways in the hopes that Santa will hear us. Our Christmas gift was the vacation to the Southeast of The Netherlands earlier in December; so we had that. Besides that we usually don’t do Christmas, but still it was fun to sing for Santa 😀

On Christmas Day we slept in a little. My parents invited us for brunch and we really wanted to feel at least somewhat good. I think it worked. At 11:30am we headed over there and had a brunch with the family. After brunch I took some pictures from people / family that wanted to have their picture taken. We talked some and then headed home. We spent Christmas evening having dinner from a grill plate, potato salad, Ceasar salad and some other things. We invited my brother Geoffrey to join us, since we did have a lot and he was going to be home alone anyways. So, we ended up being with the three of us.

Today our plan was to get breakfast at our favorite place and then to go to the market. We overslept so breakfast was out of question and since we missed that, we decided to spend Boxing Day at home nice and warm cuddled up under blankets again. I watched some winter sports on TV, while emptying my notebook. I plan to do a reinstall, so that the notebook is working fresh and fast again.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll feel good enough to do some things again. although we have to be careful because of predicted snowfall, I really would like to leave the house for a bit. may be we’ll be able to visit my brother and newborn nephews.