Meeting my new nephews…

Today we slept in again. I have managed to wrap my head around winter sports, such as ski jumping, skiing and biathlon. I have been watching a lot of that the past few weeks. I seem to be unable to wrap my head around the college football bowl season. The biggest problem is that most games start late to very late for me. Because college football has been withdrawn from Dutch TV, I can’t see the replays, either, which is annoying. It doesn’t help that the better games are being shown later on the American day, which means I am unable to watch the game live. I hope to watch the Music City Bowl and the Outback Bowl.

Later in the day we visited my brother. He and his wife had a twin earlier in the month. Leann decided to get a set of identical clothes for the twin brothers. It will be a while before they’ll be able to wear it (about two months), but I am sure they look great in the outfits.

Besides that it was a quiet day. I am working with members of the city council to improve the parking ticket machines in Hoorn. A few months ago the city installed new machines. A lot of people complained over how slow the machines work and how the machines are not easy to understand. I have tested the machines myself and decided to communicate my findings towards the city council, rather than telling them ‘they don’t work’. It looks like the council is happy with the feedback.

I think I’ll be very, very, very well-rested when I start working on Friday again. I have to say that I really have not missed work a lot the past few weeks.