Back home… the past few days

We’re back home again. I feel a bit under the weather and felt like that since yesterday. I didn’t sleep well, either which made the drive back home somewhat interesting and a challenge. We made it safe anyways.

Those following us on Facebook have been kept up-to-date a little better. I usually post small updates on the go, together with a few pictures. Updates here usually come with pictures from my camera. Not today, though. It has been raining the past few days and I didn’t want to risk my photo gear to get too wet. The photo gear is too precious to me. Nevertheless, a full update on the past few days.

On Wednesday we visited the city of Maastricht. Parking virtually downtown in this city is pain-free and does not cost too much. We visited the well-known Vrijthof where they held a Christmas market, as well. The Christmas market was not very impressive. I did like the ice skating ring that they had installed. That is something that I miss from Christmas markets in Germany. I have no idea why I associate an ice skating ring with a Christmas market. After looking around, we had some lunch and then headed back to the hotel again.

In the evening the Christmas parade was held. I was able to take some pictures with my cell phone, because it was still raining. It was unfortunately that the rain kept me taking proper pictures with my photo gear. That was have been nicer. Nevertheless, I shared the pictures and the story that I had on Facebook (click) anyways. It went a bit viral. Usually my posts get some 20 or 30 views. We are close to 1,200 now and people are still sharing, viewing and liking the contribution. That’s amazing. The parade was beautiful, even though it was a bit small for American standards. It had a nice touch to the whole experience in the city that we stayed in.

Yesterday the weather forecast was once again, really crappy, so we were looking for an indoor event. We decided to go to Germany again to visit the mall CentrO in the city of Oberhausen. To refresh your memory, pictures that I took last year are here (click). It was a nice day out. In a moment that it was not raining we went outside to see the Christmas market. Leann got a taste of Dunkin’ Donuts and we found Leann a new set of slippers for indoors. On our way back to the hotel, I managed to drive along the German border on the German side, so that I could eventually get cheaper gas in Germany. Instead of paying roughly € 1.48 a liter, I got gas for close to € 1.26. That saved a bit of money again.

Today the weather forecast for the morning was still iffy. It would have been our final day in Valkenburg. Because of the forecast we decided to pack and to head back home again, so that we would be home in the early afternoon. That worked well. Leann decided that she wanted to use the bathroom in a Burger King location along the highway. Of course, she wanted to have lunch there, too! 😀 After getting home and unpacking it was time to relax. I still feel under the weather, which is why I still am not tired enough to fetch the sleep.

Hopefully things will fly better tomorrow.

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