We’re stuffed! Thanksgiving…

27023We just finished Thanksgiving today. It’s running to Friday for us right now and all of us are stuffed. We invited our friends Marise and Larissa for dinner, as well and it turned out to be a very nice and friendly evening with excellent company.

The day was nice, starting with breakfast and some grocery shopping. Leann got started on the Thanksgiving dinner, which was the usual sweet potato casserole and green been casserole. Instead of turkey we used chicken. Turkey in The Netherlands cost about $6.50 per lbs, which is a bit too costly and chicken works as well. According to Leann it’s also easier to prepare, so more power to us.

While Leann got busy with dinner, I decided to run errands. I had to give our health care insurance some attention, because they raised our insurance with $27 a month. After talking to the insurance company and giving them some of my ‘typical’ attention, I managed to actually lower the monthly payments by $91. Part of that has to do with increasing our deductible. The other part was simply explaining them that I am a larger customer and that they have to wrap their heads around this.

I also brought my winter coat to a person that could check and fix the buttons on it. It’s getting chilly and I want to have my coat on Monday! Tomorrow we plan to put up Christmas lights. I hope to share some pictures of that.

Today was a great day!


  1. @Mom: you Americans are lucky with the cheap turkey that you get. I also envy your gas prices :D. Steve said a turkey in America cost about $0.99 per lbs.

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