We… are… done… #renovation

We made it to the finish… well… almost. The electricity switch for washer and dryer will be replaced and they still have to put a glass shelf in place. After the renovation was finished earlier this week, we finished our stuff today by hanging lights and bathroom accessories. We plan to take a few pictures later on to share the results. I am extremely happy with the results.

Last week has been very busy. At work I have worked on several projects simultaneously and I have to say it’s a real challenge to keep up. Yesterday of of our customers went live with the software that the firm I work for creates. It was a major operation and it still will be next week. Next week the firm will offer onsite support having colleagues over there. I plan to visit the customer a few time myself, as well.

The couch finally got repaired. It took them about two months, but we’re there now. This is another milestone that I wanted to have done before the holiday season would start and it worked. Right now I am trying to get comfortable for the Holiday season. I hope to be off next week Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Friday, so I’ll have a long weekend to celebrate. After that it’ll be a two week rush to finish up for Christmas. My last day at work this year will be December 12th. From there it’ll be one heck of a Christmas Season!

All in it has been a productive period and it still will be the coming few weeks. I see the end coming, though.


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