Before Turkey Day really kicks in, we will have a renovation in our house. Starting coming Monday workers will come in to renovate both our bathroom as well as our separate toilet downstairs. They claim to need two weeks in which we will not have any bathroom and limited toilet. It will be something. I have made arrangements for getting our regular showers and doing our laundry (our washing machine and dryer is also in the bathroom). This weekend we have to empty the entire bathroom and toilet, which also is a heck of a job. I made a plan to make that happen.

My legal insurance is on top of the store from which we bought our new couches. The couch has a little tear in it and that needs to be fixed. It takes the shop to get their act together, so I asked my legal insurance to step in. They have lawyers to help and it’s paid for anyways. I hope to hear more on Monday.

I also gave one of the financial institutions that I have (or rather had!) a savings account at. They insisted a bit too much that I had to fill in forms to state that I am not a US person. They also wanted to have these forms from Leann, although she’s not the bank’s client. Time to give them attention and give them the boot. All of a sudden they would like to talk to me and offer their sincere apologies. I wonder why!

It has been a challenging week and it will be a busy weekend to get everything prepared. My manager at work gave me ‘carte blanche’ to arrange what I have to arrange at home, which is very helpful. I am not looking forward to the next two weeks, but I do look forward to the result: a renovated house!

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