Ready to roll……

It has been a busy weekend alright, but we got everything prepared for the renovations. Both the bathroom as well as the half bath are cleared out and ready to be torn down. I have decided to work from home tomorrow in case of any questions. If things get too noisy or out of hand, I just speed to my employer after all. We’ll see how tomorrow works. I also feel more positive towards the renovation process. Before the weekend I was sort of dreading it, but because of having a fixed plan now, I see how things keep working out so far in a timely and organised way.

The college football weekend was something else… once again. Auburn being the biggest upset of the weekend for losing from Texas A&M. I was surprised that even though I didn’t do very well at the Mick’s Picks, I still went up in ranking. I guess everyone else that were over me, did even worse. I really have to try to wrap my head around things. The college football picks are much harder than the picks last year. This year every team seems to be able to both win and lose… well besides Florida State and Mississippi State, of course. Another surprise this weekend was Alabama. I think they will be surpassed by Oregon and TCU in the ranking after this weekend. They just did a better job.

Earlier today at breakfast we had a minor incident at the place where we have breakfast. An old lady that also comes for breakfast often, decided to have a minor seizure of some sort. An ambulance was called and she went with them to get checked out. I have no clue as to how that ended. We just finished breakfast and left.

In between the renovations, I managed to get some work for my employer done, as well. We’re in the process of delivering some important pieces of datawarehouse software. I made some analysis for the developers to help them with improving the processes. I find it interesting how my interest in work has expanded so much that it’s not really a hassle to do some more while not at work. At least it tells me that I like my job… and … I am getting paid for it. I feel lucky, because whole groups of people feel different over work.

Tomorrow evening we’ll be visiting my parents. They returned from a mini-cruise to Germany, so I am excited to hear their stories.