My work in college football… a recap.

I have to admit that I have not been into college football a lot over the past two or three weeks. Th renovation has kept me busy, having less time for college football. I missed most of yesterday’s games. I do try to fill in Mick’s Picks, though and this weekend it was another disaster with schools losing games that should be easy wins for these schools. One would definitely bet on Miami (OH) over Virginia and Penn State over Illinois. Both schools decided to lose, costing me 19 out of 55 points to start with. Ole Miss was wiped out by Arkansas in a 0-30 game, which is a total surprise, costing me another 6 points. On the bright side I thought Louisville would take out Notre Dame and Maryland would take out Michigan. Perhaps that were surprises for others, but not really to me.

With these last two games, I managed to move up from place 20,000+ back to place 15,120. Out of 190,000 people playing this fantasy game, it’s not really that bad anyways especially for a European.

Let’s see what next week will bring. Oh… on a final note: can we stop these games in which SEC teams are playing FCS teams in the middle of November? How do ‘we’ benefit from Alabama playing vs Southern Charleston? I can see how this would benefit college football overall, but it might be a good idea to play these games in the pre-season.