Happy Thanksgiving!

wreath-thanksgiving-1Ok, so for us it’s still 2 hours away. Nevertheless, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone following us over this weblog and over Facebook.

This week has been crazy, but it has been a very successful week for me. Everything that I planned out, worked out as planned, making happy customers. Weeks of preparations paid off. After today I am on a well deserved long Thanksgiving weekend. No work for me tomorrow and on Friday. After that it’s only a two week run to my last working day for 2014.

The renovations are close to done, which pleases me to no end. At least we can use everything again. There are just a few minor details to hammer out. So, with that we actually are at a great point right before the Holiday season.

On Friday we plan to put up our Christmas decorations. This will be awesome, having bought everything that we needed. I am really anxious to get started. In America coming Friday is also known as Black Friday. As amazing as it is, Dutch people love American traditions and are really trying to take over. This Dutch mega store offers Black Friday sales. To see their commercial page, click here. It’s really odd at times, but from a Marketing point of view it seems to work. All these stores need now are American flags. That would absolutely drive the crowd to their doors!

I hope you have an awesome day!