As the renovation is progressing…

The renovation of our bathroom and half bath is progressing. Monday afternoon the workers got a bit loud and Leann said they were loud yesterday as well in taking down the old material. Today the reconstruction started. The plasterer got in to repair and prepare the walls for the tiler. They started early today. I worked from home to see if the project needed some steering from my part, which was not the case. Tomorrow the tiler will come in. Hopefully he’ll come in early, as well. It looks like he’ll need quite a bit of time. The time reserved is two days. We’ll see.

Last night we celebrated Sint Maarten (St. Martin). The full story surrounding this evening is available in this link. We had more children visiting us this year. I hanged some Halloween decoration outside that made some noise, too. I guess that invited more children to come. Because it’s a typical Dutch thing, a lot of foreigners (even long time immigrants in The Netherlands) do not take part in this evening. With me decorating a little more I wanted everyone to feel more welcomed at our door and I wanted to show that we actually do celebrate this evening.

Coming Saturday Sint Nicolaas will make his appearance in The Netherlands. Regardless of all the discussions surrounding Zwarte Piet (Black Peter), the majority of people, cities and other institutions celebrate this period including Black Peter, the way things used to be. Today marked a day on which the Council of State declared that a Mayor has no business refusing a permit for a big Sinterklaas event based on racism of Zwarte Piet. The Council reasoned that this is a matter of a Civil Court.

I still have no clue as to our plans this weekend. I wanted to take pictures of Sinterklaas’ arrival in Hoorn. As far as I can see now, it might rain a little on Saturday. Not a good day to go out and take pictures or to stand in the rain getting soaked.