As the day progressed… Christmas decoration

101  Christmas decoration (small)The weekend after Thanksgiving is our decorating weekend for Christmas. People tell us how we are early with that, but I believe we’re pretty much on time. For us it works. It’s been a busy day.

The day started with taking the car to the dealership to get serviced. In order not to wait, the dealership gave me a car for the day. Well… actually… it was something … on four wheels. It looked like a cookie tin to me. The cookie tin brought us to the place that we usually have breakfast at. We ate some and then we got started with the Christmas decoration.

My role in this is usually taking care of the electrical stuff indoors and out. Leann gets everything else done. It took us the entire day, but most of it is out now. Tomorrow we’ll hammer out the last details. In between I picked up my car again. All in all it has been a very busy day. I am happy with the results, though.

Clicking on the picture will take you to our Facebook page on which I placed a few pictures and videos of the decoration outside.


  1. Lookin pretty, as always! 🙂 I think I will wait till next week to put out my decorations. I don’t have time this weekend, and the weekend after I have to work…. so yeah, mine will come out around the 8th of december, I hope.

    I also remember once at our garage they tried to hook us up with a Nissan Micra as vervangenvervoer…. Jeroen didn’t fit in it LOL. They managed to exchange it for a Nissan Note. He sorta fit there kinda, but nothing like our own beloved car!

    • We are always somewhat early for Dutch standards. I don’t mind to follow the American tradition by putting up decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. It’s a lot of work to put up the decorations, so I really would like to enjoy the decorations, too.

      As far as the car is concerned: I was surprised to get the cookie tin. Actually I wouldn’t have settled for a Micra or a Note and next time they will have to do better, as well. Servicing a car at a dealership is expensive; plus I bought the car brand new from them. They will have to step up the plate to keep me a happy customer.

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