A busy week ending in Castle De Haar

101 Kasteel De HaarFirst of all Happy Halloween to all. I had a busy week that ended on a very nice note. Yesterday, on Halloween, Leann’s friend Marise visited us to celebrate Halloween a little bit. Leann cooked dinner and after that we watched a few movies. It was a nice and quiet evening. Earlier in the day Leann carved a pumpkin. Leann and Marise also had customs on.

Earlier in the week it has been another busy week at work. I was glad to have the weekend started. I find it hard to believe that it’s November already. Time is flying by so fast. I believe the start of the college football season has a lot to do with that.

Today started with breakfast and groceries as usual. After wrapping up and Leann preparing our lunch, we took off to Utrecht to visit Castle De Haar. We have visited this castle earlier this year, but because of the season the leafs are changing and that was very visible in this area. Although we didn’t go inside the castle, it was fun to walk around the castle grounds. After a few hours we headed back home to watch college football. I almost forgot that the clock turned an hour earlier last week and this meant that college football started a little earlier than usual.

Naturally I took my camera with me again and pictures are available by clicking on the picture of this entry. Enjoy looking!


    • Thanks! Sorry I haven’t been on livejournal lately, been busy. I should have plenty of time this week to sit and do nothing though while they’re renovating the bathrooms, lol.

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