College Football Gameday… again!

CPCM_20120801_CollegeFootball_Homepage_ESPNI still get excited for College Football after all these years. I think I have been watching College Football since 2008 now.

This season must be the best season I have seen in years. Every team can win or loose against any other team. Today is not any different. Baylor dropped the ball at West Virginia. It’s likely that they will drop in ranking. I am surprised that Mississippi State moved up to the first place in ranking. I guess that’s what happens when beating the number 3 from the ranking. Texas A&M is disappointing. Today they totally dropped their ball in the game at Alabama. I was not expecting Texas A&M to win, but they are trailing 0-38 as I write this entry.

All in all I am very happy with this thrilling and exciting season. It’s something that I would definitely like to see in the coming years.

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