As the weekend progresses

LeannLeann and I had a haircut today. I kindly requested not to cut my hair too short again, like what happened last time. It worked! Leann also had a haircut as you can see in the picture. Clicking on the picture will get you a picture in larger format.

Before getting the haircut we stopped by to have breakfast and to get groceries. Today Leann will start with putting up Halloween decoration. I am super excited, because it finally marks the start of the sesaon. Together with the start of the college football season this is one of the best parts of the year.

Beforehand we had to make some room. Our office has been a mess, so we decided to put everything in place to make things work there before putting up the Halloween decoration. That worked well. I am happy with the way things turned out.

Right now I am enjoying some football games. I am watching Texas A&M @ Mississippi State and the game Florida @ Tennessee at the same time. It’s a BIG weekend this weekend. 6 games have competing top 25 teams against one another.


    • Hi! I have been following college football closely yesterday. I didn’t do too bad actually. I was expecting Texas A&M to be booted by Mississippi State, so I do have that one. Naturally I did not expect Alabama and Oklahoma to loose. That’s just too much! Besides that I was hoping that the Stanford Cardinal would step up a bit better against the Fighting Irish. That was a close game, though. I was on the wrong side of that.

      Right now I am ranked 6,656th out of about 198,000 which still is not too bad. I might actually do a little better if Washington State manages to hold off California Golden Bears in the 4th.

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