As the weekend progressed…

002 Hoogwoud in the morningThe weekend progressed good. I still have to see how things went with the college football weekend. Didn’t have a chance, still. I am trying to fight off a cold that’s been bugging me this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be up and running again tomorrow, when work starts.

You might think: “What’s up with that… thing… in the picture?” Let’s face it: you can’t call this a car, can you now? Well… since it has an engine, wheels and it seems to still have life in it the owners found it funny to give this car a real coat. That’s right! It’s not paint… it’s real fabric… and if you ask me these people have a screw loose.

We shopped for outside Christmas lights today. We saw a light that we really love! It’s an outdoor light that you would find as a porch light. It has light, a figurine and it lets it snow with music. The box said that it was available in red and that it was possible to have a Christmas tree in it. Leann wanted one like that… the choice was a little more limited than that. We do have to have one, though! Hopefully Leann will take some time to browse online. Visiting more shops didn’t get us any further… it appears that the Christmas shows starts from October 23rd.

That was about our adventure for this weekend. Clicking on the picture in this entry will get you to an album with some more pictures. I kept it descent today :D. Have fun looking!

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  1. You definitely have to post a pic of that Christmas decoration. That car looks like someone made a car out of a quilt. 😉

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