Visit to Artis (Zoo)

298 Bezoek aan Artis (Leann)Today my parents invited us to the Zoo in Amsterdam, called Artis. The last time we visited Artis was when on Leann’s second visit in The Netherlands before we got married; so that was a while ago. Artis is going through major renovations, so a lot changed since then.

Before we went to Artis Leann and I got some breakfast at our favorite restaurant. I also got some work done for my employer and then at 10am my parents picked us up. The day was very nice and we got to see a lot of different animals. I was going to buy my parents lunch, but there’s just no way to win that fight from my Dad, so lunch on him, too. The down side of this trip was the number of children in the zoo. Although my parents endured raising five children, they are less resistant to the noise that they make today. We agreed to go to Artis on a Thursday in the hopes that it wouldn’t be that busy. However, school classes take trips to locations like these, as well.

Nevertheless we had a wonderful day and I managed to get a lot of great pictures. to thank my parents for this trip, Leann is planning to cook dinner for them tomorrow. Click on the picture of this entry to see an impression in images of this trip.

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