Our weekend in a nutshell

110 Boat tour Zilvermeeuw in DrimmelWe had a good start of our vacation. The weekend started with breakfast, groceries and returning a fan to the store that broke down. The latter was the most interesting part. We keep receipts of everything that we buy. We bought this fan at the start of the Summer and it broke down last week. The woman behind the cash register did not plan to refund us, but the manager was easy going. Of course I watched college football in the Saturday afternoon and evening.

On Sunday I wanted to work on a new technique in photography. So, I headed out while Leann took a nap to get more sleep. In the afternoon we went downtown. The shops were supposedly open and a culture market was organized. Most shops were closed, though, so after we did a tour around the city, we went back home. We arrived there just in time for my order to arrive. I ordered a new UV filter for one of my lenses of the photo camera and it seems to work much better.

Today we went to a nature reserve, called Biesbosch. This is a very important piece of nature in The Netherlands, maintained by Government officials. All information about this park, is available on Wikipedia. It was a good day, although the ‘Noordwaard’ part is heavily under construction, which was somewhat disappointing. I couldn’t do a whole lot in that area. The ‘Zuidwaard’ was accessible over boat tours from Drimmel. We took the two-hour boat tour which was interesting. I was able to take almost 500 pictures and narrowed down the selection to a little over 100. You’ll find the album by clicking on the picture of this entry.