Visit to science museum Naturalis in Leiden

091 NaturalisOoooops… I just reckoned that it has been a while since we posted an entry. It’s been a busy week, actually. Last weekend we visited a science museum called Naturalis in the city of Leiden. This science museum gives an overview of the development of Earth over the past billions of years. That includes an overview of how things have been developed, like for example the development of our knowledge of DNA. For Children they had a room with science projects set up so Children could try a few of their own projects.

I was very impressed by the museum, especially the part in which the museum described how Earth developed from the beginning to where we are now. On Facebook I already mentioned that the museum showed millions of years on just one billboard. It’s funny how less than 300 years ago the industrial revolution started (in 1750) for humanity. It really is amazing to see how humanity has developed in just the past millennium; let alone how a billboard describes multiple million of years.

This is one of the most interesting museums that I visited. Pictures are available by clicking on the picture of this entry.