Our week in a nutshell

280 Hoornse Waterweek 2014_PFCIt has been an eventful week. The week started with “Lappendag”; an annual event in Hoorn, organised every third Monday of August. You could easily compare this to Black Friday shopping in the US. I had a day off and we decided to go downtown for this event. The only way that I would do this, is by leaving really early, so we got up by 5am and had breakfast downtown by 6am. After that we went around the city and Leann found a few good deals. In the afternoon we visited our landlord to talk about renovating the house that we live in and rent from them. They decided to work with us, so we were happy with that, as well. It was a good day. To see pictures click here.

Yesterday we held a barbecue for a group of people. We got up early again for breakfast and then got the groceries that we needed. Prepping the barbecue took some time, but the event itself went really, really well. People enjoyed themselves and the foot. We received some surprising presents, which Leann showed in these pictures.

Today we started the day early again. I wanted to have breakfast and to take some pictures downtown Hoorn. There was an event in Hoorn, which eventually took me longer to take pictures at. My goal was to take a picture similar to one that I had seen yesterday. That worked really well, which means that I learned something again. I was happy with that result. The bigger problem was that it was a bit cold. The weather has been iffy all week, with lots and lots of rain. Fortunately this morning was without rain, which delivered awesome pictures. To see the pictures, click on the picture of this entry.

All in all it has been a really great week!


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