Our tour of North Holland villages

Today, since the weather was pretty nice, we decided to get out of the house and take a tour of some little villages around the area north of Hoorn. We started at Middenmeer, wasn’t much to see but there are some nice canals and parks in the are. Then we headed to Kolhorn which was different because there were no cars at all in the village. It was nice and peaceful, great for walking! I’m not sure if the residents living there like it very much though, there were plenty of houses for sale. After that, we drove around some more, stopping every once in awhile to take pictures then found the village of Anna Paulowna. Anna Paulowna actually had quite a few shops and such there which was surprising and while looking around we found a cute little park/walking area. I like finding secretive/unknown areas like this. Unknown to us, I mean, but there were not really many people around.

We headed home around noon but first we stopped for a surprise lunch at the new Van der Valk hotel. How nice of Mickel! 🙂 I got a salmon sandwhich and Mickel got a ham, cheese and egg sandwich. Now we’re just relaxing at home and we’ll probably have some soup for dinner. Photos are here. Enjoy.