An early morning and things happening this week

It’s 5:30am and I have been up for some time already. I just can’t sleep anymore and I really don’t know why. It makes a good time to write what is happening throughout this week.

Today and tomorrow we have workers coming in. Today’s worker is going to implement additional electrical sockets on the outside and for our new dish washers. Tomorrow’s workers is going to finish that by installing an additional tap and a tap in the backyard. I have been thinking doing the electrical work myself and found it too risky, since the electrical sockets need to be outside. The way we are going to have it implemented now is that it will have a separate electrical box.

I have also started to work out. I used to have a crosstrainer and it was sitting at my brother’s doing nothing. I thought to get that one back and to get started with that. Ten years ago I managed to get my weight back to about 155 lbs. I am not keeping my hopes up and definitely not setting that goal yet, but I do hope and think that this crosstrainer will help to get me back in shape again and to help me losing some weight. After two weeks of working out, I do feel a difference already. Setting small goals help me achieving the bigger thing. Right now my goal is to burn 250 kilo calories a day. The past two sessions I managed to get that to 300 kilo calories or more. Hopefully the beer belly starts to move soon.


  1. *sigh* having workers come in and do stuff is a huge pain in the ass, but it is better than trying to do it yourself…especially when it comes to electrical work.

    Good luck on the working out; I hope you reach your goals.

    • I was happy that Leann would take care and oversee the work done. She stayed home while I could do my regular work. The guy that came for the electrical situation was a very social guy. I showed him the work that had to be done earlier. I haven’t seen the guy that would install the additional taps for the dishwasher.

      I am happy that it is behind us now and we are really happy with the results achieved.

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