World Cup Soccer: Bronze Medal after all

Yesterday the weekend started, although for me it is not your standard weekend. The weather was really beautiful, actually a little too hot for my liking. We can’t go anywhere this weekend, though, because I am on standby shift for my employer this week. This means that customers are able to call me outside office hours. Yesterday evening before the soccer game one of the customer called with a problem that had to be fixed. We managed to solve the problem before the game started.

The national Dutch soccer team played Brazil last night for the Bronze medal in the world cup soccer. Within two minutes of the game the Brazilian team managed to cause a penalty, which made things easier for The Dutch team. Eventually the game ended in a 0-3 final for the Dutch team, meaning that they won the bronze medal. It was the first time in the nation’s history that the Dutch team went home without losing one game. Technically a soccer game ending in penalty shootouts counts as a tied game. For the team’s coach this was a great way to finish the tournament. The coach will resigned from his post after this tournament to start a career of a huge English soccer team: Manchester United.

Besides my work and soccer we visited my parents and I visited my brother Geoffrey. He had an old cross trainer that he didn’t use anymore and I have figured that I really need to start exercising. I have gained some weight again and a diet just doesn’t cut it for me. I bought this cross trainer years ago and in 2003/2004 I actually managed to loose a lot of weight using this device. My guess is that this device will help me again both getting me back a little more in shape again, as well as me losing some weight again. So, yesterday I started some work-outs and I have to say that I feel a little better already.

All in all it has been a great weekend so far… and we still have a day to go.