Visiting Castle Sypesteyn and Historical Garden in Aalsmeer

034 Historisch Tuin AalsmeerToday we went on a tour again to visit places. The weather was annoying, but we got it through anyways. We started with breakfast and groceries, since the first event would not open before 11:30am and it was just an hour driving. The first event was Castle Sypesteyn in a village called Nieuw-Loosdrecht. This museum holds a collection, collected by Sypesteyn himself. The castle was built through all kinds of materials that Sypesteyn bought from everywhere. This is why the building is not quite old, yet certain features built into the building (like doors, windows, etc) were very old. A little more information is available in English on this website. It was not allowed to take pictures from the inside during the tour and visiting the Castle grounds would cost € 2.50 per person extra, which I did not want to spend. Although the entrance was paid for through our museum cards, the entrance fee would be € 8.00 per person. I believe that for that kind of money, entrance to the castle grounds should be included.

Our next stop would be the city of Aalsmeer, where the world famous flower auctions take place. Instead of the auction, we went to the historical gardens. This was a place downtown Aalsmeer. I was somewhat disappointed over the history that they showed. It was supposedly having history going back to the early 1600s. Nevertheless they had a beautiful garden, growing all kinds of flowers. It did rain a bit at first, but I still managed to get some pictures taken (click on the picture of this entry to get there).

Our final destination led us towards railway station Amsterdam Sloterdijk. One way to make Leann a happy girl is to visit the station, because it has a Starbucks location. She managed to get her dose of coffee and we headed back home, where we are now. Tonight we plan to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary with dinner at a restaurant. Besides that not much news.