My feelings towards flight MH17

Most of the followers of this page are aware of how last Thursday flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in the East of Ukraine under suspicious circumstances. I have been following this new ever since and the news is sickening. Rebel troops are making it impossible, if not difficult for investigators and officials to do their work. Over 200 bodies are still on or around the crashed site, most of them Dutch fellow citizens.

Our Prime Minister is trying to put a lot of pressure on all parties involved there to get access to the scene and at least to get the remains back to their families. Even that seems impossible. At this moment I feel that Dutch commando and support troops should accompany the investigators, giving those Russian separatists a choice: leave or die! I can’t even start to feel what I would feel knowing that my parents would be on that plane and would be on the crash scene, being ‘held’ by those collective asses. I have even heard of entire families having been on that plane; thus more than just a mom and dad.

It looks like that President Putin has a lot of influence in what the separatists do. His actions of the past year and in this whole ordeal makes me want him to go as President as soon as possible. I feel influenced by the Ukraine propaganda, saying that Putin is a terrorist. The longer Putin sits there… the more I tend to believe that statement.

Actions speak louder than words.

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