A trip to Friesland again

202 Stavoren (weblog)Although the weather promised to be extremely hot yesterday, we decided to go on a trip. A few months ago I wanted to do a tour through Friesland. We managed to get into a city called Sneek, but never got passed that. So, we decided to do the rest of the tour that we planned back then. To escape from the hot weather, we decided to leave early. I did mention leaving at 5am, but decided to be the nice guy and we left at 7am.

The tour brought us through a few cities and villages. The first stop was supposed to be Hindeloopen, but beforehand we saw the village of Workum and decided to get out there first. It was a little early, but that gave me the opportunity to take good pictures. Workum, just like the other cities and villages, has a nice architecture and some canals. After a little tour on foot we moved on towards Hindeloopen.

I really liked Hindeloopen, because that city makes parking combined with a city center close by very easy. Hindeloopen is at the lake in the center of The Netherlands, so they have a lot of yachting there. Beautiful canals with lots of old buildings made visiting this village a joy. Our next stop would be Stavoren, a village that we have visited a few years ago.

Going to Stavoren was a little challenge. The tour would take us over very narrow roads along the water, something that I didn’t enjoy very much. The wide roads is something that I really like in the US. Our country is too small to have wide roads. Stavoren has a nice harbor and the same fine architecture as the rest of Friesland. It actually is a stop for the ferry between Enkhuizen (close to where we live) and Stavoren. We enjoyed the nice views, took more pictures and then wanted some ice cream that was not available yet. Then again by then it still was before noon.

Our final destination would be the city of Lemmer at the Southeast corner of Friesland. For those being a little older and being into ice speed skating: this is the city that speed skater Rintje Ritsma is from. Rintje is a four time World Champion, two time Silver medalist and four time Bronze medalist at the Olympic winter games. Getting into the city was a bit of a challenge. Lemmer is well-known for their water sport activities, such as yachting and sailing. More people were wanting to get into that city. Once being in the city we scored the ice cream that we were chasing after and then looked around some more. We walked along the main canal to look at the different boats and to shop a little.

After that we headed home again, being home by 2:30pm. By that time it was steaming hot and a good time to grab a beer. It had been an excellent day. Click on the picture of this entry to see an impression of this trip in pictures.

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