How to whip the World Champion soccer…

DSC_0003Two days ago the world cup soccer started in Brazil. Soccer is the most important sport in Europe. Usually people go crazy when either the world cup or the European cup soccer start. In The Netherlands it’s not any different. Usually I get somewhat excited over soccer… not this time, however. Why not? There are two reasons: the current coach of the Dutch national team… and the fact that I did not have the right feeling that ‘we’ would actually be of any importance in this world cup.

So… after last night all that changed. Last night The Dutch team played their first game; a big one… against Spain, the current World and European champion. The first half did not excite at all. The second half everything changed. The Dutch team scored one goal after another and wiped the floor with the Spanish team.

A few links to read on more about this defeat: Fox Sports link (my favorite), Yahoo sports link, BBC link, Huffington Post link.

I am curious to see how the Dutch team will play their next game. The picture in this entry shows how decorated our neighborhood is. Clicking on the picture will take you to a few more pictures.