Cutest woman… evah!!!

006 Leann (small)I am sure my Father-in-Law likes the spelling in the title of this entry 😀

Today was an awesome day. It started with breakfast and afterwards we went out to get groceries. Strawberries were on sale, so we decided to buy 10kg (=22 lbs). It was some job to cut them up, but we got through that. Later in the morning we went downtown Hoorn again to get some things we needed. Leann bought a new shirt and I managed to get the items that I needed, including a new vest.

The afternoon was nice and easy. Leann had a party that she went to. This is where the picture came from. She dressed up really cute and that for me is enough reason to break out the camera and to start taking a zillion pictures of her. I decided to watch the women’s final in field hockey and the Dutch national hockey team won that game and with that became world champion field hockey. Tomorrow will be the men’s turn to play. Funny enough they play Australia, as well, just like the women did today. We expect nothing less than the title, just like the women did.

Right now I am enjoying the games in the world championship soccer. I am waiting for the game Italy vs England to start. This should be an interesting game. If you get a chance to watch that game, I advice you to watch it! 😀