As the day progressed…

119 Streekbos en omgevingI have been hit with a hefty flu this week. It was not the most fun thing that happened to me. I talked to my doctor on Wednesday who confirmed the flu. I have been on sick leave and away from work since Tuesday. Right now it looks like most of the flu left most of my system. I am still a little bit sniffing and a bit coughing and I hope that will leave by tomorrow.

The sun was out full force today. I decided to dress warm and to get outside to get some vitamins from the sun and the fresh air. I haven’t been able to do a lot, but lying on the couch all week, almost hitting the roof. The walls were really confiding. We had to get groceries and after that Leann wanted to get to an electronics department store. One of the largest retailers in electronics is Media Markt (a German company). This is where we went. Leann has a Nintendo 3DS XL with the game Animal Crossing on her wishlist. I am having my birthday on Monday and I have another lens for my camera on my wishlist.

Media Markt didn’t have the lens and the 3DS was too expensive there. I found a 3DS on the internet that is sold by our local pawn shop. We decided to go there. They want a ridiculous amount of money, so after all was said and done I squeezed them to the bottom dollar and eventually got a fair deal that we both could work with.

We also went to a photo shop. It’s a shop that I have bought more items from in the past. They did have the lenses that I was looking for, but they were far more expensive than for example Media Markt was. I asked them to explain the large difference. They did and said that they could make me a fair offer. After testing and getting more useful advice I decided to buy the package. I am very happy with this deal, as well.

To get some more vitamins from the sun and enjoy the very nice weather we went to a national park nearby to test the new lens. I am very happy with the results. The picture in this entry shows a bird that was located rather far from where I stood. I still managed to get a great picture. Clicking on this picture will get you to some more pictures.

All in all it was a nice day. We just spent a terrible lot of money :D. Oh well! Tomorrow morning I organized a get together for the family to celebrate my 42nd birthday. I look forward to this day. We have a few things set up :D.


  1. Happy Birthday! Sorry you’ve been sick. Be careful about overdoing it for the next couple of days. Flu is famous for relapses. I like your pictures–they seem very clear. As far as the cost of the equipment goes, I think spending money on something that you will use for years to come makes good sense. Good photographic equipment is expensive, but it will last a long time. I’m that way about musical instruments: if I can afford them I’m going to have good quality guitars, etc. because I use them a lot and they are not going to spoil or anything. They can last for generations even. Have a good birthday.

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