Iron Bowl: you did what!!??

I have seen a lot of college football games over the past few years. I have seen a few college football games end crazy; remember how two consecutive games end in the final seconds for Tennessee?? I have never seen a college football game end as crazy as the Iron Bowl game did tonight. The game itself was amazing, yet extremely long. It was all worth it to sit and wait it out. I actually didn’t know that one is allowed to catch a missed field goal attempt and run it to the other side of the field. Commentators are using terms as ‘being speechless’ and ‘what a game’… and they should.

I wonder what all this means for the BCS ranking. Florida State, ranked 2nd till today, won today’s Florida game in The Swamp. Now that they are 12-0, I believe they should be ranked 1st. The real question is what significance Auburn’s win is against Ohio State Buckeyes, who were also 12-0. I really believe that Auburn’s win is over Alabama more significant than the 12 games that the Buckeyes won. The list of Auburn wins this season is just more significant. Then again I am biased, because I am definitely an Auburn fan.

For the people that missed it… the video in which you’ll see how all this came about.


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  1. I wondered if you saw it. I was watching too and it completely astonished me. I have never seen that happen before either in all of my years of watching and officiating football. That makes two of the most fantastic finishes to Auburn football games that I have ever seen this year. Is it just Auburn’s year? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t bet against them. I have no idea what this will do to the BCS ratings.

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