Hoor de wind waait door de bomen…

Today, December 5th we have ‘Pakjesavond’, the evening on which Sinterklaas celebrates his birthday. The title of this entry is the start of a song and translates in “Listen, how the wind blows through the trees”. Very appropriate because we have been under a fiery weather alarm today. In the afternoon it has stormed so intense that that Dutch Rail decided to discontinue their service and trucks were blown off the roads. The police had to close down the highway, so I was forced to get home using back roads. Fortunately it didn’t take me too long, but the drive home was scary enough with the thunderstorms, hail and the high winds.

We’re not celebrating any of the Sinterklaas activities. Leann cooked Ravioli and we’re just sitting back, relaxing. It’s been a very intense week for me at work. Today I had my annual evaluation and my manager is very satisfied with my results this year and the progress that I made. Naturally there’s always room for improvement.

Tomorrow is Friday. I look forward to the weekend. I would like to go out again to take more pictures again and may be even use the new lens that I bought for the camera. We’ll see how things work.

Fijne Pakjesavond! 😀


  1. be nice to relax, Scott and I went to Pizza hut yesterday, today dad went to PANDA, i MADE CHEESEBALL AND OATMEAL CAKE SAMPLED AND WAS NOT HUNGRY.

  2. Must have been a hell of a storm; glad you came through it alright. Also congratulations on the good evaluation.

  3. I just saw on the news that Britain had been hit by the storm. I wondered if it got you guys too since they said it came out of the north. They didn’t say anything about the continent in the newscast. Of course, everything was overshadowed by the death of Nelson Mandella and there was little time left for other news. I’m not complaining, though, he was a great man.

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