Outing to Hoorn, Lutjebroekerweel and Streekbos

161 Leann in StreekbosThe initial plan today was to install electricity outside the house. Because I was not enough prepared I decided to postpone that plan. Instead we decided to go outside and test the new camera again. I would like to have it well tested before our trip to Germany. I really would like to be able to take the pictures without having to fumble too much.

We started with breakfast and the weekly grocery shopping and then went outside to places that would define as parks to our standards. Apart from taking pictures of the nature, I also offered Leann a professional photo shoot. It worked well and the pictures turned out to be beautiful. I downloaded a piece of software that helps me with learning to take even better pictures. I made some more progress today with the camera and learned new tricks because of the new software.

After the photo shoot we went to a Polish store. I wanted to buy a special Polish paper for my work and my study. Leann found a bag of cookie crisp, so we also took that with us. I didn’t want to overdo things, so I decided to speak Dutch in the store.

After that we visited my parents for coffee. We brought some doughnut balls with us on the way home, so that was very yummy. All in all it has been a nice day. Now it’s time to enjoy some college football. More pictures are available by clicking on the picture in this entry.