Our week in a nutshell

The week has been busy again. We had a very strong wind earlier this week and that wind broke part of our fence. Leann and a few neighbors applied a quick fix so that everything would stay together. I have to see what structural solutions can be applied, without having to replace the entire fence. One of our neighbors already started with a better solutions by putting some additional heavy tiles against the fence. We have to work that out, as well. Besides our fence a lot of trees has been taken down by the wind; big and heavy trees came down onto roofs and cars. It was a big mess in our city. I am just happy we don’t get the heavy tornadoes that hit the US sometimes.

Yesterday we moved an old shed from my parents to our house. They didn’t need the shed anymore and for us it would be useful to put our garden set and some other things in. It was a fairly easy job to take it apart, bring it here and put it together again. I am happy with the results.

In the later afternoon and evening I tried to watch college football. I am somewhat disheartened, because I have a hard time watching the games that sometimes take up to 3.5 hours per game. Although I love the game, it just seems to be too much of a challenge. I have to see how to work around that and may be combine some activities. The problem with combining is, that although I speak and understand English fluently, while watching TV, I still have to focus on the language.

Today we went to De Bazaar in Beverwijk. This is a huge marketplace that we sometimes go to. Our neighbor gave us a Tasin yesterday and we had to find a little place for use on the stove. I look forward to see what Leann can do with the Tasin. We also bought Korean food, mostly Red Hot Pepper Sauce and we bought a padlock for our new shed. Leann also bought some sort of a hat and some make-up. For lunch Leann ordered some Afghan barbecued lamb. I was looking for a little transport cart, but couldn’t find one, so I ordered one online. It will be a helpful tool to move things around. For my Mom I bought some spekkoek (click here for a picture). It’s well worth the money. We also got some groceries on our way home. It’s nice to have the grocery stores open on Sunday nowadays.

All in all it’s been a great week and weekend. I look forward to see what next week will have in store for us. A few pictures of Leann’s lunch are available here.