Almost weekend

007 ParkIt’s almost weekend and I am very much looking forward to it. It’s been a big week so far. In this week I got hit by major traffic jams in the mornings twice due to accidents. This weekend I have planned to put some electricity outside. I do have a plan, but I don’t feel very confident to get this done right. This is why I might actually postpone this job. We don’t really need the electricity yet, so there is no real rush and I would want to do this right.

I have been playing with the new photo camera a little more. The picture in this entry is an example of the possibilities. If you’d click on the picture, you’ll find a few more pictures. I look forward to use this camera more often.

I don’t have much more planned for this weekend. I might actually make this a college football weekend. I also would like to sit down with Leann to see what we’ll do with Thanksgiving. It appears that I don’t have Polish class on this day, so we might as well celebrate Thanksgiving on the day itself. May be I even can get a few hours off from work. We’ll see how that goes.

Learning the Polish language is going really well. I like the language, even though it’s a difficult one. I am finally seeing the similarities with the Czech language, which helps me understanding the grammar better. Next week we’ll have our final class of this first block. I hope another block will be taught, so that I can make more progress with this language.

For Nederlands Praten I plan to take things a little easier. I have Nederalnds Praten twice a week now, and I plan to bring that back to once a week. I look forward to that, as well.

All in all things are working well. Stay tuned for more updates… later on.


    • Unfortunately that didn’t work! I didn’t feel prepared enough and I’d like to do this first time right. I canceled the whole operation and postponed it till next year summer.

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