A trip to the island Terschelling

307 West-TerschellingIn the past few years we have started to visit the Dutch islands in the North part of our country. After visiting Texel and Ameland, today we headed up to the island Terschelling. Terschelling is a very stretched island. It has roads only halfways from West to East. The rest you will have to do by bike or on foot.

Terschelling is known for two major events: Oerol and the “Berenloop” which literally translates into ‘bear walk’. The “Berenloop” is a 21km or 42km marathon along the island and one of the major sport events in the northern part of The Netherlands.

We got up early today at 6am, so we could catch the first ferry to the island. It’s still a fair drive to get to the harbor and I had the challenge of finding a place to park and figuring out how everything works. At 7:45am we managed to have some breakfast, so that worked well. The ferry left by 8:30am. We could do the trip using the regular ferry or using the express service. Because we decided to leave the car on the main land we could easily do the express service. On the island we used our feet along with the bus.

The island itself is very pretty. The houses are in the same style that I found on the island Ameland. I was also surprised by the number of shops and restaurants found on the island. The trip started in Oosterend on the far side and took us through Hoorn, Midsland back to West-Terschelling where the harbor was. We spent most of the time in Midsland, because they had the most to see; among them Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet who threw candy through the bus on our way.

Close to 80% of the island is nature maintained by the Dutch Government “Staatsbosbeheer”. Some parts are really spectacular. The new camera managed to do its work very well and I managed to get a lot of nice pictures taken. I added a lot of text to the pictures, which will tell you a lot about Terschelling and what we did in itself. Clicking on the picture in this entry will take you to the picture section.

Enjoy looking!


    • That it was. We have visited three islands in the Northern part now and we agreed that this was the nicest place. I liked this island because of its simple structure. It has two main roads; plain and simple.

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