A brand spanking new camera

122 Hoornse HavenIt has been a remarkable weekend. Yesterday we decided to get up and to have our weekly breakfast on Saturday. After that we picked up the weekly groceries. Leann wanted to see a Christmas show in one of our garden stores, so we went up there. Tonight Leann is organizing a movie evening with one of her friends. She wanted to have a popcorn maker, so that she could make her own popcorn. We visited many stores in Hoorn to find one and could not succeed. Although they are widely available on the internet, we wanted to have one right away. We headed to the shopping mall in Heerhugowaard. They have special stores that might work. I warned Leann that I’d be pissed if we wouldn’t bring home a popcorn maker. The mall is known for being very crowded on Saturday and it was around noon already when we went up there. Unfortunately we ended up being empty handed… errr… well… with Subway, though. Can’t visit that mall without getting Subway for Leann.

My last resort was an electronics store like the American Best Buy company. It’s a German store called Saturn. They didn’t have the right popcorn maker, either. We ended up looking at a few other things. I was still thinking of getting a new photo camera, so we ended up in that aisle. They did have the camera that I had been looking for, so I talked to the guy about the camera. They had a special deal that if you would change from utility provider in their store, they would give you coupons worth $230. For me that was enough to close the deal with the store, as well as with the new utility provider. A big portion of the camera has been paid for and I got a very nice deal for accessories, as well. So, I am really a happy camper.

Today we went out to test the camera. I am baffled with the quality of the pictures. It has been a good investment that I look forward to use for years. I put my old camera on the Dutch version of Craigslist for someone to buy. I am curious to see if this will attract buyers. At the same time I am not in a hurry to sell the camera.

While testing the camera we visited my parents for some coffee. All in all it has been a wonderful weekend. In this link you will find a selection of the pictures that I took with the new camera. The pictures shows some of the best sites of Hoorn and includes descriptions that tell the story of the pictures. Have fun looking!


  1. Nice shots; the camera appears to be doing a good job. As to a popcorn maker; do they still make those? I haven’t seen one in years.

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