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003 Mickel and Leann in Aan Ut WaterThe past week once again has been crazy. The firm I work for had a software implementation in two healthcare centers this weekend. It’s always a rush getting everything ready to go. Today we got up early and headed for breakfast as usual. After that we picked up groceries. The better part was that the grocery store offered cake mixes for Christmas cupcakes and all. We bought a lot of that stuff, so for the next few weeks Leann really doesn’t need any cake mixes anymore.

Later in the day we visited my parents. They have a plastic shed left and we helped to disassemble that one. Next week we plan to move that shed to our place. It will give us a little more storage space for our garden stuff. I look forward to have it set up here. Disassembling the shed went pretty easy and fast. I also talked to my Dad about putting electricity outside. I believe it’s going to be fairly easy to get electricity in our front yard. That will be easier in setting up the Christmas lights. I look forward to put that in place. I have that planned for next week or the week after.

Later in the day we got ready for the Halloween buffet. This has been a surprise for Leann for the past few weeks. It turned out to be a buffet. Unfortunately Leann and I were the only guests really dressing up, so I decided that we might as well put up a Halloween show, to show the people what was meant by “Halloween”. They really don’t have any clue here! 🙁

Now I am getting ready for the football game Tennessee @ Alabama. I am not sure if I am able to finish the game to the end, but if they keep it interesting, it might be doable.

You’ll find a few pictures of the event on the E-Controller’s Timeline Photos on Facebook. Click on the picture in the left corner of this entry to get there.

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