As time is flying by fast!

We’re closing in on November already. Time is flying by so fast that it’s not funny anymore. For those that have been worried about me, I can tell that it has been an extremely busy week, both at work and outside. It’s not over yet, either. It’s not a bad thing, because money and progress is made.

Work remains busy, but I feel so much more in control. I seem to have become a more senior position in my team, which is nice, because certain tasks that were somewhat distracting have been taken from my plate. I am more overseeing tasks that I used to do myself. Those tasks have been replaced by more senior tasks, which is awesome.

I am also having the Nederlands Praten program in full force. Yesterday another potential student asked me if I would teach them Dutch. Leann and I have been discussing if she would be willing to take on students, but she really does not feel comfortable over it, so I will send this person to a competitor. I just don’t have the right time to take on new students for private lessons.

I am still learning the Polish language. I am happy that we have a week off next week. The class is not moving forward very fast. Keeping up is very easy, but I feel I could make some more progress, though. I have sent an e-mail to the teacher to see if she could do something with this information. Hopefully she can.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with the political party that I am active for. I have decided to that I am going to spend less time with the party in the coming few months. I am not getting enough satisfaction out of it.

Next week I seem to have some air to catch my breathe again. Now it’s time to watch some college football. South Carolina is visiting Tennessee today and the game is on early, so I am able to enjoy the entire game. I did sleep some in the afternoon, so I hope to be able to watch a 3:30pm game entirely as well.


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