As the weekend progresses….

The weekend is progressing easy. I have started to pick up on the Polish language. I always tell my students Dutch to use the language on a daily basis. I guess I have to follow through with learning the Polish language now, so I try to use the language on a daily basis, as well.

Of course it’s college football weekend, too. I managed to watch the Oregon – Tennessee game partly as well as the Alabama – Texas A&M game. I expected Tennessee to be run over by the Ducks, which happened eventually. I also managed to watch the first quarter of the Alabama game. It was unfortunate that this game started so late, because I fell asleep during the game. I read a report in which they described the rest of the game in a very detailed way. It gave me a good picture of what happened during the remaining of the game. I hope I can get to see the game later in the week somehow. I really would like to see how this game was played.

Today is a lazy day. Next weekend is going to be busy. My nephew turns 11 and he’ll celebrate that next weekend. My parents will have their wedding anniversary, as well and they plan to get take out for the family. In between I still hope to watch some college football, as well.

Tomorrow I will give a training session for a few of my colleagues. I look forward to that, because this is really something that I enjoy to do. I also will have a fair share of students Dutch. I hope that Leann will be able to step into Nederlands Praten as well as a language coach, so that we can split the workload and bring in even more money. We’ll have to see, though.

All in all it will be another challenging week ahead of us.