We bought furniture, thus hard work!

Yesterday Leann and I went to get a few things done in the morning. It started with grocery shopping at Lidl, then we went to get Leann’s headphones fixed and I thought to take Leann to Westfriese Beurs to see if they have something new.

At Westfriese Beurs second hand goods are being sold. Some of it is actually new, rather new and in a very good condition. Leann and I have been thinking of other furniture for quite some time now. We found some awesome furniture at the location. We decided to go home to look into the possibilities. I created a financial plan to look where we are financially and we measured what could go where. We ended up going there again and buy three pieces of new furniture. Delivery will take place tomorrow, so that meant we really had to get our behinds in gear.

The furniture replaces some old stoff that I have had for so many years. I took all that down and apart. That will go to city dump tomorrow. We also looked into what we would want to keep and where we would keep stuff. That worked awesome, because things have been spreaded out a litltle bit.

Right now we’re ready for the new furniture to arrive. We’ll have to do a few small things tomorrow morning and delivery will take place between 1 and 3 pm tomorrow afternoon. It’s been a very busy weekend, but it was all worth it 😀


  1. New furniture is fun! It can change the appearance of a house so much!
    Enjoy once it gets there! 😉

  2. Heeey, I recognize that place, we’ve been there sometime in the past to take a look while visiting Holly. There’s lots of cool stuff in there indeed, and really good prices too!

    • That’s for sure. Can you imagine all that being thrown away? Last year I actually managed to buy an awesome desk and deskchairs over there. Pretty much everything you see in our house is either from Marktplaats, Westfriese beurs or the like…. it works well for us. We contribute to a better environment and get good stuff for very fair prices.

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