Uncle Henry, Schiphol, USA, Nederlands Praten and work

The past few days have been from hell. Last Tuesday the sad news reached us that Leann’s Uncle Henry had passed away on age 62. Does it ever stop? That news had to get us in gear right away. Uncle Henry and his family have a special place in our hearts, because they made a point to it to come to drive 16 hours for attending our wedding. That was awesome and something that I still appreciate today. This is why I wanted to get Leann to America in time, to represent us in Uncle Henry’s funeral service. That worked well enough. I managed to get the right ticket for Leann and to get everything arranged for her. Nevertheless it is hard work.

This morning I have taken Leann to the airport and now she’s well under way to America. Her first leg will take her all the way to Houston, which is a 10.5 hour flight. From there she still needs to lay over and get to her final destination. She’ll be bummed out when she arrives. I am actually happy for Leann that she’s going to the US again, since she’ll be able to see her family again. The past few months has learned us how important family is and how fast things could progress the wrong way.

I am still with my head fully into Nederlands Praten. The Youtube channel has passed it’s 10,000 views mark for uploaded videos. This is faster than I anticipated. While Leann is away now, I might actually take some time to start recording videos again. That is all still in the air, though.

Work is going well. Due to the events in the US I had to reschedule my work a little bit. Fortunately my management is very flexible and are willing to work with my schedule. It pleases me to no end. I also filed a new plan to management and they have that under review now. Hopefully it will create some extra work. We’ll see how it goes, though.

Time to get a few other things done now!


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