The next upset in College Football

I just finished watching the Buckeyes game (Ohio State vs Wisconsin). The game was amazing. Buckeyes was unable to get things done. Some nice pass left and right was all there was for the Buckeyes. I am amazed that Ohio State let this game go, since this would have been their biggest chance to get through to the BCS Championship game. It’s not very likely this will happen now.

Any suggestions/ideas/predictions as to which team will be playing the BCS Championship game? Why?


  1. I saw the end of that game too. I was happy for Wisconsin because they don’t manage to beat highly ranked schools very often. But this is the second week that the BCS standings will be scrambled up. Who knows which team will be on top at the end of the season. It could be one of those years where there are not any undefeated teams with strong enough schedules to qualify for the BCS. The next few weeks will tell the tale. Tennessee was off this week, but Vanderbilt (here in Nashville) got their head handed to them by Georgia–46-0 or something like that. NFL today.

  2. I am watching College Football final right now. They are talking about Auburn and Oklahoma (OSU). Oklahoma beat Florida State which is a good indication. However, I have set my eyes onto the Oregon Ducks. They have been very consistent this season and I believe that at least that team is playing in the BCS Championship game.

    Naturally all this can change again next weekend. One thing is for sure: this season is crazy. At the same time it makes it interesting.

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