Pumpkin farm, parents, construction work, college football and NFL.

I feel extremely family oriented now, which explains the number of entries that I have written over the past few days. Sorri if you feel flooded by my entries.

Today worked out exactly the way I wanted it to be. We got up by 9am this morning to get ready for the pumpkin farm. We went over there and got ourselves a few pumpkins for Leann to carve. I also delivered a CD with all the pictures that I took last year. They were really appreciative.

After that we went to get coffee at my parents. Leann told my parents all about her visit in America and we talked a little bit about my Dad’s future. He made some really interesting comments that I had not thought about. The way from my parents to where we live was a bit of a challenge. Usually it takes about 5 minutes by car to get home. Now we had to make a huge detour because of construction work. I found it really messed up how they closed some (very important) streets. On the other hand it was good they did this on a Sunday where traffic is minimal.

When coming home I watched the college football Buckeys’ game. I created a seperate entry for that earlier. We had beans, fried potato and chicken for dinner (Leann makes that awesome!!!!) and now I am watching the NFL game between the Ravens and the Patriots. Interesting game so far. The Patriots see to have a hard time to fight off the Ravens.

Tomorrow will be back to work. It’s going to be busy. I look forward to that, though.


    • Construction work does not bother me often. This time they closed a very important street in our area to get from one end to the other end of the neighborhood. It needed a major detour.

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